How can I turn my day-to-day into a mission-driven game that I love PLAYING and feel fully ALIVE in the process?

How can I finally unleash my untapped potential to build and create as an entrepreneur, embracing the path and the present moment?

And how can I approach life from the deep knowingness that I am whole and worthy unconditionally, filled with inner peace, freedom, and joy?

The Solution

Introducing the ePlyr Approach

Ok, you made it this far – let me now share with you the approach for turning my day-to-day experience into a mission-driven game that I love PLAYING and where I feel fully ALIVE in the process.

Where I can embrace the path and the present moment and approach life from the deep knowingness that I am whole and worthy unconditionally, filled with inner peace, freedom, and joy.

Because we went so deep on the fundamentals, the premises, and the realizations, the solution is explained quickly.

It consists of two steps:

1) Choose your GAME 

2) Play the ACE

How to choose your GAME 🎮

A) Experience First (not goals)

Since, in the end, all we truly seek is to experience a certain state of being, we must make that experience our starting point.

B) Take the Red Pill

You first create space between you and your self – the body and mind – until you can observe yourself as you can see and observe any other person.

This is like an “Out-Of-Body Perception,” a state where you are no one and where you own your mind instead of the other way around.

C) Self-Determination From The Heart

From being no one, you let your heart – the very thing you want to satisfy anyway – choose who and what you want to experience.

(If „heart“ sounds too abstract, you could call it the real you without blinders, the whole and complete you, or if that is all still too abstract – in alignment with what feels right to you on the deepest level.)

To reiterate: you choose NOT what you want – as conditional personal development teaches – but who you want to experience being and what your life experience should be like and – not from the mind – but from your heart

D) Path-Determination

Then you embody that state right now – you embody the chosen experience in this present moment, AND ONLY FROM HERE; from already having what you want and experiencing what you want right now, you select a congruent path.

A path one simply can’t see before deciding who one wants to be and not as the current version of yourself.

E) Choose Goals as Means for the GAME/ the Process

Finally, you can derive your goals from those previous choices as a means to experience this reality and focus your attention.

Those goals are not set but derrived.

And they are only the means for the experience of the process – not the other way around. They are utilized to confirm your chosen experience and feel the excitement of building momentum.

Stop putting the cart before the horse 🛒 🐎

This may seem nuanced, but it’s actually a stark contrast to typical personal development advice, which essentially puts the cart before the horse by fulfilling the lack-based desires of the mind and focusing on „having“ and „goals“ first.

I struggled (and sometimes still struggle) with this simple approach as our minds have become dominant and convinced us that it is who we are.

Like being in the Matrix unknowingly that it is the Matrix.

Or wearing glasses and forgetting that you wear them, only having this odd feeling that there is something wrong.

My goal is not to neglect the usefulness and power of the mind! It has enabled us to get where we are right now – which is probably a rather amazing place!

I just came to the conclusion that to ascend to level 5, I must switch roles.

I must let my heart and „true“ self choose the direction, my mind function as the powerful assistant, and my self as the vehicle for having that worldly experience.

Another reason people don’t know what they truly want is that even if they try to listen to the guidance of their heart, they often don’t know who is talking – their mind, societal conditioning, upbringing, or their heart and to who they should listen.

But if you can create enough space between you and your self – if you can see your self from a 3rd person perspective, you will be able to sense the difference.

That’s it!

This is how we can increase the number of moments where we experience complete alignment and feel fully ALIVE – maybe even to a point where we approach our main projects and businesses like Kobe Bryant approached basketball – unconditional and with pure love for the game.

I realized that if I continue to strive for „more“ from my current identity, with my old strategies, I will only get more of what I already had.

But since we can never have enough of what we don’t need, this won’t lead to a different experience of life, even if we accumulate more possessions.

Our heart does not yearn for more possessions but more possession of itself.

I know you can feel the truth deep down when I suggest that you make alignment, fulfillment, and wholeness the starting point of your journey, not your end goal.