How can I turn my day-to-day into a mission-driven game that I love PLAYING and feel fully ALIVE in the process?

How can I finally unleash my untapped potential to build and create as an entrepreneur, embracing the path and the present moment?

And how can I approach life from the deep knowingness that I am whole and worthy unconditionally, filled with inner peace, freedom, and joy?

Over the last eight years and still, to this day, I have asked and come up with answers to those questions.

This article will provide you with my answers. It will also provide a solution framework – the ePlyr approach – that I have developed as a practical answer for implementation.

Is your life a game?

What do I mean by turning my life into a game, and why am I so obsessed with it?

A game is something you deliberately choose to do/play. You approach it with joy, curiosity, creativity, and inspiration (even when you sometimes lose). You have a clear goal within a game, but the fun is in getting to it. You play unconditionally. You would not want to skip the process. You value the moment, you are present, and focused – like in a flow state – when you play.

When you play, you are alive!

That is what I want my life to be!

Before you even take the time to read this article, let me be transparent with my intention.

I didn’t share the ePlyr approach earlier because I saw conflict between approaching it unconditionally and believing that entrepreneurship (not charity) is the most sustainable, powerful, and FUN way to launch something into this world.

I believe information should be freely accessible, so I will not hold anything back.

This article aims to introduce you to the ePlyr approach, not to sell you courses, coaching, or training.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

It is not altruism that drives me and I want you to know that. 

I didn’t develop this approach for you or to „make the world a better place“.

I do all of it (including content creation and providing training) for myself!

Out of playful curiosity and the joy of creation and expressing myself through this project.

I want you to know that so that you never feel (unconsciously) obligated to give back. I believe that value should drive business, not reciprocity.

Don’t get me wrong. If you apply the ePlyr approach and thus benefit from it, I am more than excited about what that will change for you, for the world around you, and mainly for how you experience life!

I would love to hear from you someday:

  • How you implemented, improved, adjusted, and mastered the approach we are going to discuss right now.
  • How you accessed the potential that you always felt within you, ready to be unleashed.
  • How you became your most joyful, peaceful, and alive version.

I have been living a lie – can you relate?

I was half-asleep most of my life 🤖

There comes a time for many „successful“ people when we wonder if all of what we’ve built is really what we want…

For me, it already came after I had the first 5-figure profit month and then again within my second business three days after we had a 75.000€+ revenue day and once more when we hit the 1.000.000€/year revenue mark.

At that point, I already knew that it could and probably would go on like this forever without feeling different.

Others may not question their success until they have 10 apartments or 10 million in the bank before they allow themselves to conclude, This should feel different!and ask themselves,What’s Next?

I always intellectually knew that money wouldn’t bring me happiness, but experiencing it made it more real.

After being annoyed by the drop in motivation, energy, and performance, but mainly the increasing indifference to my projects for a few months, it started a quest to turn my life back into an exciting game I love to play.

On this journey, I once again discovered something that I had known for years:

99% of people – including myself – have a self-worth problem!

Even and sometimes especially high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders.

This self-worth problem functions like a pair of blinders – like horses wear to have their field of view limited.

Wearing these self-worth blinders, I can’t see my true desires and what my heart and soul really want.

My life is limited to a mind-based, unworthiness-based, conditional perspective.

Our identification with „self“ causes this lack of self-worth.

This „self,“ our identity (who we think we are), usually believes in several „core lies“ about itself and the world.

One of mine was: „I need to be extraordinarily good and special to be worthy.“

You can imagine how such a „lie“ shapes your thoughts, emotions, decisions, behavior, and level of fulfillment…

To discover and dissolve those „core lies,“ I had to consciously decide to „get out of myself“ and view my own character from a 3rd person perspective.

A process that I later named „Taking the Red Pill“ because it feels like being Neo in the movie The Matrix when you – for the first time – see objectively what is going on.

This process can be especially difficult for highly successful people because:

1) We want to avoid being seen as weak or wounded, even by ourselves

2) Our „core lies“ almost always function as a driver for achievement

There is a natural resistance to uncovering the truth when your mind falsely believes this could endanger your future ability to have material success and security.

However, after „taking the Red Pill,“ I felt light, free, at peace, and like „owning“ myself for the first time.

And from this state, I was (finally) able to sense not merely what I want but rather what wants to be expressed and emerge through me.

Bringing myself back to this state of being „no-one“ regularly, I could see and choose an „unconditional“ path that is not directed at compensating for my core lies.

I am convinced from experience and also by pure logic that this is the only way to experience inner peace, freedom, playfulness, and feeling truly alive as a default state and not just the occasional exception to the rule.

I also saw how my life – based on my core lies – had been conditional up until that point (even though I had a great and abundant life with loving and fun relationships and countless wonderful experiences)

Signs of my conditional life had been that although I had everything I needed – security, love, and success – my day-by-day was regularly filled with or even dominated by inner tension, restlessness while being bored at the same time, lack of inspiration, and noise.

On the next page, I will share why you are probably not who you think you are, why time is not the most important resource, and how 99% put the cart before the horse and wonder why they experience friction…