How can I turn my day-to-day into a mission-driven game that I love PLAYING and feel fully ALIVE in the process?

How can I finally unleash my untapped potential to build and create as an entrepreneur, embrace the path and the present moment?

And how can approach life from the deep knowingness that I am whole and worthy unconditionally, filled with inner peace, freedom, and joy?

Make the test: Is your life a game?

A game is something you deliberately choose to do/play. You approach it with joy, curiosity, creativity, and inspiration (even when you sometimes lose). Within a game, you have a clear goal, but the fun is in getting to it. You play unconditionally. You would not want to skip the process. You value the moment, and you are present and focused – in a flow state when you play. When you play, you are alive!

How does „playing“ actually look like? 🤔

Practically? On a daily base? Not just in theory but in day-to-day activities.

Like when I get up from reading this article or tomorrow after I woke up?

I want to have something that I can apply, not just a theoretical construct!

This was my statement and question even months after I had the realization that I wanted to play an unconditional game.

To this day, I develop, iterate, test, and hopefully make accessible the answer to more and more people, but I don’t claim to be done with it!

My answer – which I successfully tested – consists of three steps but rather skills that anyone, regardless of his or her current level of success, can improve, and I made it part of my game to master them.

I like the idea that no matter where we are from or where we are in our lives, we can share the game of improving those three skills and train together to play with experience.

I want to mention that I already had chosen those three steps and skills before I discovered that they formed the word „ACE“ which is so on point because I truly believe it is how you can play the best card in your game of life and increase your chances to „win“ exponentially (regardless of what that means to you).

Play The ACE 🃏

AWAKE (➡️ aware ➡️ observing)

I like that definition, but in the context of the ePlyr approach, I know that I am awake when I can sense that (the experience of) life happens through me – that the whole world is within me.

We can choose internal and external triggers to wake up and become aware.

Resting in this state and following our awareness, observing its identification with the inner and outer world, we can view our self and all that is going on from a 3rd person-perspective.

We are no one, just an observing presence.

It feels like lucid dreaming in reality.

I can’t explain why, but this state, when fully embraced, is always one of stillness and peace and sometimes even „unreasonable“ joy and „warmth.“

Regardless of its exact description, it is a great place to start listening to what wants to emerge and be expressed through you and also to choose unconditional paths and activities.

I usually ask myself the following questions after observing my awareness for a few seconds:

1. Can you sense that the whole world is actually within you?

If yes, I know that I’m awake, and I move on to question number two ->

2. Do you want to play?

If the answer is „No“ I can continue to „rest as awareness,“ surrender to the guidance of life/the Force/God, or make the decisions to let my self drift for a while reactively (the state most people spend 95% of their time in unconsciously).

All is fine.

If yes, I will move to the second stage.

CHOOSE ( ➡️ compose)

Again, let’s start with what „choosing“ means.

In the context of the ePlyr approach the test if one has successfully made a choide is wether one can move forward with pure intention.

In this state:

  • you have made a choice about what is going to happen
  • your mind is purified of desire, doubt, and thoughts concerning the likelihood of the realization of your choice
  • all that is left is the choice and putting one foot in front of the other

Imagine going after what you really want with the same certainty and conviction as you would when you decided to go to the bathroom.

No questioning, no worry, no doubt, no desire.

Just pure intention = the will to have it in a certain way and the will to act.

Think of a time when you had pure intention and didn’t achieve what you set out do to…

It never happened, right?

The next step is to compose the image of the chosen experience meaning to imagine the experience being reality right now (while simultaneously holding attention on the Bindu chakra (the point on the top back of your head).

You might think:

Please don’t talk about this Law of Attraction-manifestation-visualization-chakra-woowoo-BS!

But stay with me for a second!

You surely can leave this part out but it is useful to engage in the „Bindu-Chakra-Composing“ part of the choosing process for two practical reasons:

1) It fosters the Awakening

Try it out for yourself. Focus your attention on the top back of your head – notice what happens with your eyes!

They open up, become wider, and it feels as if they are radiating energy.

2) It brings up Counter Intentions:

It is only by staying with your choice for a few seconds and even more by imagining it being already fulfilled, that you can notice your „Counter-Intentions“☝️

For example, if you stated a process intention of…

„I post on LinkedIn about my passion 5 times per week.“

… you could get right into action, which is great. However, if you compose this image in your mind, you might find counter intentions such as:

„People will get bored by my stuff quickly.“

„The more I post, the shittier my posts get.“

„Less is better.“

All those Counter Intentions can be seen as little stones that can break the powerful engine of intention, and we want to dissolve them to avoid stopping ourselves, moving slowly, and experiencing friction.

3) It helps you Living In The Feeling Tone right now.

If it were only for this, it would be worth trying it because, as discussed earlier in this article, what we are really after is not the outcome but the experience of the outcome, and by composing the image of the outcome achieved, we get a first glimpse of this experience right now in the present moment.

Dependent on our level of practice and the nature of the intention, we might even be able to immerse ourselves fully into this experience, but even if it stays only a glimpse, we can

3.1) Enjoy the unconditional experience of Living In the Feeling Tone right now

3.2) Use it to inspire and inform the last step of the ACE approach:


Embodying = playing (= being = think, feel, act) the qualities you want to be (play) in the present moment is the missing link in personal development and to having all that is wanted.

That is my absolute conviction because, as you already know, we want the experience (not the thing or event).

➡️ If we could simply BE it/Live In the Feeling Tone right now, nothing else would matter.

I couldn’t quite get what embodying means for a long time, although the concept or the word is not difficult to understand. It just didn’t click for me how one would embody something or someone one is not without feeling fake.

I first tried understanding it like taking on the role of an actor, who embodies a certain character.

This can work, but sometimes, especially when I wanted to make business and life decisions from the person who already has all I ever wanted, this acting analogy didn’t serve me well.

Here I needed a mental bridge:

If you imagine the unfathomable amount of decisions that have led you to be and experience who you are right now and extend that into the future, you can imagine that there exists a reality that is exactly how you want it and millions of versions that slightly differ from it but still contain the experience you want.

Who you embody is the version who is right now on one of those lifelines toward the reality of your liking. Through that, you don’t need to try to be an older version of yourself or imagine how you would be if you had unleashed your full potential or already made all those experiences.

You simply embody the resolve, the certainty, and the calm of the person knowing it will happen and not worrying about how. You don’t need to force anything

It’s like your birthday; it will come (you never doubt that). You look forward to it, but right now, you are involved in your day-to-day.

Within the process of getting there, you just want to spend the time in the most enjoyable way.

This part is the hardest and the easiest at the same time.

It is „hard“ because of our identification with „self“ and extremely easy because the only requirement is „being.“

If we are identified with the self, embodying a different version can feel fake.

Like in Game Of Thrones, when Arya has become „no one,“ she can freely choose who she wants to embody.

She does not say, „I am Arya Stark of Winterfell,“ but makes the choice of „A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell“ and embodies that choice with „I am going home.“


From being AWAKE (no one), we can CHOOSE our experience and live in the feeling tone of it.

To actualize our chosen experience in our three-dimensional world, we can EMBODY whatever version of us is required or chosen (like water) and by that – like an actor, who simultaneously is aware that he is playing a role and at the same time immerses himself fully into it the situation – we play with experience.

Now, if we choose the ePlyr approach, the unconditional game of life where one plays with experience, there are three skills to master:

Skill #1 Awake

which also means finally owning our self and exercise self-determination (= Skill #2) instead of being self-determined.

It means becoming the puppeteer instead of being the puppet on the puppet strings of our thoughts, emotions, and limited perspectives

Being able to rest as awareness, as no one, as the observer.

Skill #2 Choose

Yes, it is a skill, NOT an event.

Setting intentions as well as training to release counter-intentions and, by that, establishing the foundation of alignment for the 3rd step.

Skill #3 Embody

The skill of playing your chosen character and living in the feeling tone of your chosen experience right now – having all you ever wanted in the present moment and, by that, experiencing the path as the goal and living life unconditionally.

I know I am repeating myself but it is because I need to hear it myself more often:

We don’t engage in the ePlyr approach as a means to get something but because BEING is the end goal – there is nothing to get or reach anymore.

2️⃣ Decisions:

If you have read this far, I hope you firmly choose two experiences for yourself similar to the following:

1. My life is an unconditional game, and I feel fully alive playing it. I can access new, untapped areas of my potential to experience life and create. I do it with playful curiosity, a deep sense of joy, and from the state of feeling whole, free, and at peace.

2. I am an ePlyr. I play with experience. Every day my ability to wake up in reality, to own my self, and to move forward with pure intention grows, and I am getting better and better at experiencing life unconditionally and embracing the present moment.

If you allow yourself to choose those realities, you can now decide if you want to use my support or go about the journey yourself.

The ePlyr Dojo

The reason I said „I have an offer but nothing to sell you“ at the beginning of this article is that what I offer is meant to be bought, not sold.

It is for people who want to buy it because they value the experience of wearing a custom-tailored suit over the experience of searching for the best-fitting, best-value-for-money standardized product they can find.

Also, it is not meant to be sold because you don’t need it.

Seriously! You don’t need it, you don’t need me!

I don’t say that because I am against selling – I say it because I want people who don’t need it, who can figure out everything themselves yet still prefer buying a 100% personalized „bespoke“ experience.

The ePlyr Dojo is no course, coaching program, or mastermind.

It is a mix of personal training, thinking partnership, and concierge service for mastering the ePlyr approach.

We will look at your life and business inside out and design your experience together.

However, the context of it stands as follows:

It aims to help you answer the following questions as it still helps me on a daily basis. How can I:

– turn my day-to-day into a mission-driven game that I love PLAYING and feel fully ALIVE in the process?
– unleash my untapped potential to build and create as an entrepreneur, embrace the path and the present moment?
– approach life from the deep knowingness that I am whole and worthy unconditionally, filled with inner peace, freedom, and joy?

It is a place where you can go when you want to train the three skills any ePlyr sets out to master:

🏋️ As your personal trainer  

I will:

– challenge your thinking 

– build your attention, intention, feeling, and focus muscles

Those are the basics for mastering the three ePlyr skills. #1 Awake #2 Choose #3Embody.

– engage in role-plays or interviews where I embody your current or chosen self 

🛎️ As your concierge

I will:

– listen to what you need, be available for your service

– find solutions for problems that have not appeared

🤔 As your thinking partner

I will:

tell you the truth (even if you cry, hate me, or fire me for it)

because the more successful you become, the fewer people around you are willing to tell you what you really need to hear. Your family and friends love you — so they want you to stay “safe.”

I might become the only person in your world who is not here to please you. I won’t let your (unconscious) fears hold you back. I won’t buy into your “stories.”

I’ll articulate what no one else is bold enough to say. And I’ll do it from a caring place and from knowing that I had, have, or will have those exact same topics but also from knowing that you can’t read the label from inside the jar…

defend your potential against your self

– brainstorm with you

I want you to look at this choice with the help of a story one of my own coaches told:

„Years ago, I coached a famous photographer at his home in the Hollywood hills.

The first time I met him I was unsure who the woman was who sat on the other side of the living room.

He didn’t introduce me when I first walked in, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t his wife. It slowly dawned on me that it was his assistant.

She was there for when he needed her.

He probably spoke to her once, in all the times that I coached him. But he wasn’t paying for her time. He was paying for support to be there when he needed it.

High-achievers are willing to invest in support for when they need it, rather than paying by the hour.“

If you want this kind of support not just to help you to get what you want but, more importantly, for assisting you in experiencing what you want, click here to see how it works, deliverables, and investment.


If you want to continue on your own but want to stay in touch and receive content, invitations, and other topic-related emails, subscribe to the ePlyr email list.


You have everything it takes!

You already possess everything to be(come) fully alive, at peace, and live a life filled with joy, and excitement! No external circumstances or inputs are needed!

The skill of embodying your ideal self, living in its feeling tone, and experiencing a corresponding reality already exists. Like a muscle, it must not be created, but rather consciously addressed, strengthened, and developed.

Don’t let anyone tell you, you miss it or can’t grow it on your own.

If you choose to hire a personal trainer or sparring partner, I am happy to show you my Dojo to make this process a fun and streamlined experience!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The ePlyr Dojo

How it works

  • Detailed foundational analysis: two 90-180-minute 1:1 onboarding sessions where we dive deep into your personal and business status quo so that I know you and your projects inside out and can deliver personalized and custom-tailored service and training.
  • Getting in the reps: unlimited scheduled training sessions (at least 12 per year) where we strengthen your ability to own your self, set intentions, release counter-intentions (blockages), and embody who you choose to be.
  • Thinking Partnership: unlimited scheduled sessions (at least 4 per year) for status-quo analysis, brainstorming, and definition of your ONE Thing and the very next step. It is like having a business partner without having to share the profit 😉
  • Unlimited mental concierge service: you want support – we make time for a quick chat.
  • Unlimited messenger access: ask your questions 24/7 and receive answers quickly and without the need to set up a meeting.
  • Proactive care and accountability: I respect your boundaries, and I am there when you need me, but we are in this together, so I expect you to answer my biweekly 2-minute check-ins as fast as you expect me to answer your calls. If we start working together, I am committed to your success as much (not more) than you are.

Your Investment

This a 100.000 € investment – a 9-month commitment – and the certainty of transformation.

Because of my huge commitment, I must be highly selective, and because I run my separate 7-figure consulting company, there is rarely more than a single spot available at a time.

I work with those whose word is more powerful than any contract or document. And all compensation is non-refundable.

Only enter the ePlyr Dojo, if you feel an almost irresistible pull (and a glimmer of discomfort) because you know it will force you to grow. If you choose, we begin…


Your Next Step
If you’re ready to explore whether joining the ePlyr Intensive is right for you, your next step is to take 15 minutes and answer 3 questions with a single sentence each. 

I will review your submission and will be in touch very soon.