Put the puzzle pieces together, get out of your head, and grow your business

Jump! is a monthly membership with access to a mindset, messaging, and offer creation gym + unlimited access to a personal trainer who knows you inside out.

Jump! is for entrepreneurs who got stuck, having all the pieces (expertise, strategies, ideas), but they are not yet coming together. It’s a combination of a mindset, messaging, and offer-creation gym with a personal trainer. It will help you sort your thoughts, get out of your head, take the leap, experience your (financial) breakthrough, and unleash your entrepreneurial potential.

Who it’s for

Jump! is for you if you’re a coach, consultant, course creator, agency, or expert with an existing business and you have all the prerequisites but there is always something missing that prevents you from having your big (financial) breakthrough and from unleashing your entrepreneurial potential.

If that is you, you’re probably struggling with:

  • overthinking, procrastination, self-doubt, and self-worth issues
  • consuming more than producing OR doing all the stuff (DM’s, reels, challenges, etc.) with little or no effect
  • feeling needy, tense, and tired of trying to force it 
  • constantly doubting and tweaking your message and offer
  • buying one course and coaching program after another (always promising yourself that this will be the last before you apply all of it and earn some money first before investing into the next)

How it works

Jump! will provide you with everything you need (and don’t get in today’s coaching world) to achieve measurable results fast:

  • Detailed foundational analysis: two 1:1 onboarding sessions where we dive deep into your personal and business status quo so that we know exactly what you want, fear, doubt, earn, offer, and represent in the marketplace.
    (Isn’t it unbelievable that no one does this nowadays?🤦‍♂️)
  • Constant progress: 3 days/week and 3 weeks/month, I open a Zoom for you to join so you can get as much coaching, consulting, and brainstorming as you need regarding mindset, messaging, and offer-related topics.
  • Unlimited messenger access: ask your questions 24/7 and receive quick answers during office hours.
  • Proactive care and accountability: when was the last time someone messaged you when you missed two weeks of calls? We will care about your success as much as you do!
  • Always clear & focused: Weekly check-ins where we make sure you are on track and know exactly what your next step looks like and when to take it.

Why it works:


  • we treat knowing who and what you want to experience as a skill that must be practiced constantly (not a one-time event)
  • learn how to truly embody (think, feel, act) as your new, chosen self, instead of improving your old self
  • you get coached not by a guru but by your own 2.0 version (nobody does this but who else should give you advice?)
  • Focus is on implementation and collaboration (no long boring content)
  • It is about mastering the fundamentals where small improvements will inspire massive growth


  • two 90-minute 1:1 onboarding sessions
  • weekly ONE-THING check-ins where we make sure you have your priorities and the very next step dialed in
  • unlimited 1:1 access (text and Zoom) during office hours
  • regular group calls and real collaboration from likeminded entrepreneurs
  • community on Skool where you can share your learnings and successes, ask questions 24/7 and connect with other 6 and 7 figure business owners