How can I turn my day-to-day into a mission-driven game that I love PLAYING and feel fully ALIVE in the process?

How can I finally unleash my untapped potential to build and create as an entrepreneur, embracing the path and the present moment?

And how can I approach life from the deep knowingness that I am whole and worthy unconditionally, filled with inner peace, freedom, and joy?

Embodiement - The ePlyr Experience

The ePlyr Experience is unlike everything you ever saw. It combines personal training, thinking partnership, and concierge service for mastering the ePlyr approach and embodying who you choose to be on a daily, experiential basis.

We will look 1:1 at your life and business inside out and design your experience together.

This is a transformative, custom-tailored, 9-month serious commitment (mentally, financially, and time-wise).

For questions and other inquiries, text me via social media or email markus[at]unleashed-entrepreneur. com