How to unleash your entrepreneurial potential by getting out of your own way

We help European entrepreneurs to grow industry-leading education, coaching, or service businesses for fun and run them profitably, playfully, and at peace.


Jump! is for entrepreneurs who got stuck, having all the pieces (expertise, strategies, ideas), but they are not yet coming together. It’s a combination of a mindset, messaging, and offer-creation gym with a personal trainer. It will help you sort your thoughts, get out of your head, take the leap, experience your (financial) breakthrough, and unleash your entrepreneurial potential.

Level 5 Launchpad

The Level 5 Launchpad is a 90-day reset-experience and private environment for entrepreneurs who ask themselves „what’s next?“, and who want to stop playing small, regain clarity of vision, self-determination, and self-ownership.
It helps you rekindle your love for the entrepreneurial game and enjoy playing it daily.